10 Best Social Media Marketing Video Templates

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It can be hard to get your brand to stand out in the clutter of social media marketing but using video in your digital marketing strategy is a great way to grab viewers’ attention. To make your life easier, we’ve pulled together 10 of our best video templates for social media marketing. All items featured are available with a subscription to Envato Elements. Take a look and let us know which ones you’d use!

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10. Social Media Pack by MotionMediaGroup

9. Fast Typography Promo by MotionMediaGroup

8. Fast Stomp Typography by vcgmotion

7. Social Media Pack by _Mirs_

6. Instagram Stories Pack No. 1 by Atamotion

5. Instagram bundle – Motion Titles library by ae-rocket

4. Instagram Stories by PixFix

3. Latter Day Stories by Make-Space

2. Instagram Stories by GrussGott

1. Minimal Instagram Stories by MotionAlpha

Inspiring Future Bass by MorningLightMusic

Shapes and Colors Broadcast Package by Pixamins

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