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Harvard University, in a study in 1958, concluded that our family, friends, associates, and celebrities influence our decision making. Hence popular personalities promoted products and services.

But a recent study from Cambridge, claims that this is no longer true. Unknown people influence the opinion of individuals. Be it online reviews, social media likes or google stars, they have a role to play. And for getting reviews or likes the first step would be to “get found”. Well known brands or less known brands or startups everyone must have a strategy for online presence. In fact marketing strategy should be considered incomplete if “online presence” is not inclusive.

Across the world, we have more than half the population on the internet and India we have 34% of the population on the internet. And the penetration is just increasing every other day. Also, as a positive trend the trust factor for the digital environment is increasing.

Traditional marketing is all about push and outbound. One had to make efforts to ensure the marketing message gets created, delivered and wait for the results. But in the digital world its all about pull and inbound. Customers / clients / users will find you when they want a product or service. All you must do is to ensure you are there when they search.

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