Webnode Review 2021 – The Most SIMPLE Website Builder?

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Welcome to my brand new Webnode review of 2021, in which I’ve analyzed this website builder for your convenience. In this Webnode review, I speak about the most important features, tools, and reputation of the Webnode website builder and provide you with information about their policies & pricing. As always, don’t forget that the discount link above can give you the best price of the Webnode website builder.

Pricing & Deals: Webnode is quite a popular website builder, and it also comes at a pretty competitive and affordable pricing. The most affordable plan is called Limited, and it comes at $3.90/mo, which is a reasonable and fair price, but the plan itself has some limitations. The plan that I would recommend is either Mini or Standard, but they are a little pricier. Mini comes at $7.50/mo and the Standard $12.90/mo. The least affordable plan with the most to offer is Profi, and it costs $22.90/mo.

User Interface: in this Webnode review, I put a lot of my focus into detailing all the important aspects of the Webnode user interface. After my inspection, I must say that Webnode has one of the most simplistic and easy-to-use user interfaces. However, it may not be the most rich-with-features UI, and some users could find some of the functionalities missing.

Features and Tools: in this Webnode review, I break down and provide more details about Webnode’s features and tools. As a drag-and-drop website builder, Webnode offers freedom for the editors, allowing them to place any feature anywhere on their website. Also, Webnode has various SEO options that you can work on, various design possibilities, additional language settings, and more.

Templates: in this Webnode review, I preview the templates that this website builder offers. I must say that the templates are not the best in the industry, as they look very similar to one another. On the other hand, the strongest part is their simplicity, so I assume there will be an audience that values simplistic designs.

Pros & Cons: after putting all of the small details that I’ve talked about into perspective, I can say that the Webnode website builder shines as a pretty simplistic yet functional website builder. One of the biggest pros that I can mention is that it’s optimized for SEO and has many useful options. It has an intuitive UI and eCommerce features that might be super important for those looking to sell online. There’s a variety of free templates. On the other hand, it’s unfortunate that you can’t access the source code of your website and the drag-and-drop feature is not as flexible as it could be. But all in all, Webnode is definitely amongst the more decent website builders.

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0:00 Webnode Review Intro
0:23 First Impressions of Webnode and its Features
3:14 The Website Building Process of Webnode
5:13 Unique Features of Webnode Website Builder
6:30 eCommerce Features of Webnode
8:03 Webnode Pros & Cons
9:22 Webnode Website Builder Pricing
10:40 Webnode Review Wrap-up

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