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Digital PR is something I talk about a lot because I believe in it and I do a lot of it. In this video, I’ll explain to you what it is and why digital PR is important so that you can decide if that’s something you’d like to do at your organization.

I’ve been doing digital PR for a very long time. If you look up “Solomon Thimothy” on Google, you’ll see my content in all kinds of journals answering questions, visiting podcast, and sharing tidbits of my wisdom wherever I can. All of that is to digital PR. It’s essentially like traditional PR, except that it’s working through a digital medium.

Back in the day, being published in a magazine, having a mention in The Wall Sreet Journal or New York Times was a big deal. You would have a PR agency reaching out to all these editors and try to get you a little mention.

Today, we do the exact same thing but digitally. We are reaching out to websites and companies to figure out what we can do to increase brand awareness for our clients. Here at OneIMS, we have an entire team that is focused on the digital PR process.

Our digital PR strategy is very straightforward. There are many relevant industry sites that have their own social channels. They may run webinars and conferences or even have a printed magazine where they publish thought leadership articles. What we do is we reach out to those publications.

We send them emails saying something like, “Hey, my client John would like to contribute a piece of content, we think it’s going to suit your audience, here’s what we’ve got. Would you consider accepting it?” And they may reply back with some feedback or suggestions to make it happen.

We do it over and over again. We reach out to as many relevant sites as possible to get our content published. And ultimately, this process delivers high-quality links to our client’s site.

Why do you need those links? Because it tells Google that you’re relevant for this topic. It could take two months to get one article published, but keeping up with these relationships is extremely important because they increase your credibility. The relevancy factor is what Google really cares about.

Digital PR is super important and if you’re not doing it, you’re probably missing out on quality links and more opportunities to increase the authority of your site.

If you have more questions about digital PR and how it can be useful for your business, reach out to one of our consultants. Here at OneIMS, we have over a hundred experts to help our clients get the success they are looking for.

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